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The Significance of Umrah in Islam and Umrah Rituals

Umrah is one of the Holy pilgrimages performed by the Muslims. While Hajj is compulsory, Umrah is a shorter version of the annual Hajj pilgrimage. It can be performed during any time of the year leaving the few days of Hajj.

How To Prepare For Umrah?

If you haven’t yet experienced your first Umrah trip, it can be a task to navigate your way through it. The pre-planning involves so many things right from understanding the Umrah rituals that you must perform,

All You Need To Know About Hajj Visa Requirements

Millions of Muslims travel every year to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj pilgrimage. It is known as the fifth pillar of Islam and one who can perform the Hajj must do it once in a lifetime.

Why Should You Choose Umrah OTA And Elaf Umrah Online Booking...

As borders are slowly opening up for tourism and travel across the world, many of you would want to explore places, go on a pilgrimage, or visit holy places. The two holiest pilgrimages for the Islamic community are the Hajj and Umrah.

Top 6 Elaf Hotels in Makkah, Madinah & Jeddah

Many of you would wish to explore the three holy cities during your Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage. Also, it is fair to desire quality accommodation that offers various amenities.

How to book Umrah package with Visa and list of best...

Umrah can be performed anytime during the year. It is possible to arrange everything even without booking a tour package; however, it is highly recommended to book one as.

Elaf Umrah Online Booking System V/S Other Umrah OTA

Hajj and Umrah are the two Holy pilgrimages that every Muslim desire to complete. In case they are not a resident of Saudi Arabia or do not work there, they have to fulfil some requirements such as obtaining a Visa for the Umrah pilgrimage.

How To Perform Umrah On A Saudi Tourist Visa?

Saudi Arabia has opened its doors for travel and tourism after a long break due to COVID-19. Many tourists are wanting to make their way here and experience the warm hospitality that the country has to offer them.

COVID-19 Regulations You Must Know to Perform Umrah at Saudi Arabia

After a long wait, Saudi Arabia is now accepting international travellers. Our Muslim Community has been longing to complete the Religious Pilgrimage—Umrah. But, as we all know that the pandemic

8 Exciting Tourist Places To Visit In Saudi Arabia On An...

After keeping the borders closed for 18 months due to COVID-19, Saudi Arabia finally started accepting travel requests for Umrah in August 2021. Although it is recommended that you complete the rituals during Ramadan, Umrah can be performed at any time of the year.
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