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How to book Umrah package with Visa and list of best packages in 2022

list of best packages in 2022

Umrah can be performed anytime during the year. It is possible to arrange everything even without booking a tour package; however, it is highly recommended to book one as. It is a task to find the best rates for hotels and other services. If you wish to get excellent deals and choose from the best Umrah packages, you should book the tour with the help of an online travel agency (OTA).

Choose A Trusted Umrah OTA

You would want to experience a memorable spiritual journey. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, you should book the Umrah package from a reliable and well-known Umrah OTA. If you receive genuine services and assistance from your Umrah OTA, your visit to Umrah can indeed be memorable. Choose an Umrah OTA that is known for its best services, facilities, customer support, negotiated rates, and ready-to-book or even customised Umrah packages.

How Does It Benefit to Book an Umrah Package With Visa?

Firstly, you will not be worried about your accommodations and transportation in Saudi Arabia if you have booked a good Umrah package. Also, there are formalities that you have to complete in order to acquire the Umrah Visa.

If you get assistance from the Umrah OTA to receive your Umrah Visa it becomes convenient for you to go through the whole process. Most of it is done online and the Umrah OTA agent can help you complete the process and get your Umrah Visa online.

Many OTAs offer a standard package with no assistance for getting the Umrah Visa. But, we at Elaf Umrah, ensure to help you fulfil all travel prerequisites. Therefore, most of our Umrah packages include Visa assistance.

Register with the Online Booking System

To book an Umrah package you will need to first register yourself with an OTA platform. Our Elaf Umrah online booking system is easy to use. We have a simple registration process wherein you need to provide basic information such as your name, email ID, and phone number.

Here’s How You Can Book the Umrah Package With Visa Online

Once you register on the online booking system, you can browse through the different ready-to-book packages. Choose the best Umrah package with Visa so that you can smoothly go through all the processes. You can then make the payment online and book the Umrah package.

With Elaf Umrah, you can also request a customised package that includes hotels of your choice and days of stay decided by you. It can also include destinations that you would like to explore at Makkah and Madinah.

Stay Updated with Latest Travel Guidelines

After COVID-19, it has become mandatory to follow the safety precautions and travel guidelines provided by the country you are traveling to. For Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, it is compulsory to show proof of being fully vaccinated. You need to make sure that the vaccine you have taken is approved by WHO. You also need to have a negative PCR test.

With the changing number of COVID-19 positive people in Saudi Arabia, the regulations for tourists and travellers visiting from other nations also keep changing. Make sure that you stay updated with the latest travel news. Our Elaf Umrah platform updates the latest news related to tourists and the pilgrims who plan to perform Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia.

Best Packages offered by Elaf Umrah

  • Best Package – This package is the best offer for 7 nights at both Makkah and Al Madinah. You can complete your Umrah pilgrimage and explore the two cities and experience what’s best around. It is indeed one of the best Umrah packages offered by us at Elaf Umrah.
  • Standard Package – If you wish to only complete the Umrah pilgrimage and return, it is best to choose a package that provides 2 nights of the weekend stay. If you wish to have a stay at Madinah this standard Umrah package is for you. It is perfect if you do not want to explore the city and return soon after performing Umrah.
  • Premium Package – In case you want to stay 2 nights of the weekend at Makkah, choose this premium package. This premium package includes the best accommodation and facilities so that you can easily perform Umrah.

You can choose from any ready to book packages that suit you or you can even get a customised one as per your requirements. We, at Elaf Umrah, offer you the necessary booking and itineraries to ensure that your visit to Saudi Arabia is hassle-free and a great experience.

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